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Ep#2 How to Succeed as a Seller on Online Service Platforms

Maney Matters
Ep#2 How to Succeed as a Seller on Online Service Platforms

In this episode, Gerald Chuah and Chris Leow delve into the dynamic world of online service platforms, shedding light on strategies for sellers to thrive in a competitive landscape. They introduced the Maney.app Platform, a marketplace designed to connect buyers with a diverse array of services. Drawing parallels between the evolution of color TV and business, the hosts emphasized the crucial need for businesses to adapt and excel in the online space.

Reflecting on the transformative journey of social media from Facebook to TikTok and its profound impact on e-commerce, the discussion underscores the imperative for businesses to adjust to the ever-changing digital landscape. Key considerations for sellers entering the marketplace include developing a compelling profile, showcasing skills, competitive pricing, profitability, and delivering exceptional customer service.

The conversation delves into the significance of social proof and transparency in business, particularly through personal profiles, highlighting the pivotal role they play in establishing credibility. The Maney.app platform is presented as a solution addressing challenges faced by service providers, offering essential tools for brand showcase, social connections, and credibility building. Positioned as a “service matchmaker,” Maney.app aims to connect customers with providers,while fostering valuable business-to-business interactions.

Listeners are encouraged to explore the world of online service platforms in this episode, which offers valuable insights to support their success in a rapidly evolving world.

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