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Booking Policies

Booking Cancellations

In instances where a customer initiates a cancellation of a booked service, the following guidelines apply:

Cancellation Window (Cooling Period) – Customers may cancel a service booking within a specified cancellation window without incurring charges. The Bookings can be rescheduled without fees if it is within the Cooling Period (refer to the Service Provider’s terms of offer or if not defined, will be based on 24 hours before the scheduled service.)

Cancellation Fees – If a customer cancels a service outside the specified cancellation window, they may be subject to cancellation fees. These fees are intended to compensate you, the Service Provider, for the time and resources allocated to the booked service. Refer to the Service

Provider’s terms of offer or if not defined, will be based on 20% of the service fees.

Waiver of Cancellation Fees – If the Service Provider becomes unavailable to fulfil a booked service due to unforeseen circumstances, such as illness or emergency, Maney may choose to waive the cancellation fee.

If technical issues or platform-related errors prevent the Buyer from accessing or using the services as intended, Maney may consider waiving cancellation fees.

Maney acknowledges that Buyers may encounter unforeseen emergencies or exceptional circumstances that necessitate the cancellation of a service. In such cases, Maney may assess the situation and, if deemed appropriate, grant a waiver of cancellation fees.

The Platform may provide flexibility in waiving cancellation fees under certain circumstances, such as emergencies or unforeseen events. The decision to waive fees is at the discretion of the Platform and is communicated to the customer.

The Buyer may cancel the service purchase at any time, subject to the Marketplace’s cancellation policy. The cancellation policy will be displayed to the Buyer at the time of purchase. The Buyer may be entitled to a refund according to the Marketplace’s refund policy.


Refunds are subject to the following terms and conditions:

Eligibility: To be eligible for a refund, the buyer must have paid for the service through our marketplace and must provide evidence that the service provided has failed to deliver the agreed-upon services as described in the booking, the Buyer is entitled to a full refund. Additionally, Buyers may request a refund for cancellations made within the cancellation window, as defined in the platform’s cancellation policy. Lastly, in cases of disputes or disagreements with Service Providers, refunds may be considered as part of the dispute resolution process detailed in the

Terms of Use

Timing: Requests for refunds must be made within 3 days of the service request being completed.

Process: To request a refund, the buyer should contact our customer support team with a description of the issue and any supporting evidence. We will then investigate the issue and work with the seller to try to resolve the issue

Resolution: If a refund is deemed appropriate, we will refund the full purchase price of the service to the buyer’s account within 7 days of the request being approved.

No-Show or Late Arrival: Buyers who do not attend a booked service or arrive late, resulting in the inability to receive the service, are not eligible for refunds. Service Providers reserve the right to charge the full fee in such cases.