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Press Release – The Maney Service Platform: Revolutionising the Service Industry with MDEC Support

KUALA LUMPUR, [28th November] — Get ready for a game-changer in finding services you can trust. Meet Maney, a brand-new app set to revolutionise how you discover reliable service providers. Thanks to an initial RM 360,000 grant from Malaysia Development Corp (MDEC) in September 2022, Maney is set to make service-hunting a breeze.

Searching for good services online is like looking for a needle in a haystack. To simply the search for trusted service provider; Maney seeks to be the go-to solution that serves to be a beacon of efficiency and trust to Malaysians. Our platform seeks to revolutionise the user experience in searching for services and would like to offer our brand promise that we are here to stay in solving the pain points of both service providers in making money and service seekers in saving money – just like our name suggests.

“Maney’s mission is to Build Services Without Barriers; fostering seamless interaction and engagement amongst service providers & buyers. The service sector in Malaysia has a lot of room for improvement and our team hopes to change that with Maney. We envision a platform that makes it easy for one to engage the right service provider for their everyday needs. At the same time, the platform is also all about creating an ecosystem of trust where the best service providers can market their services and also be protected themselves. Maney seeks to create a fair ecosystem for both buyers and sellers,” says Davis Tan; Founder and CEO of Datum ClearMind. He also added, “Maney is all about giving our users Better Choices.”

Maney is not just an app; it is a service hub with innovative & practical features for everyday users and business owners in the services line.

Right now, Maney is in Phase 1 of its lifecycle, recruiting service providers for early access; giving them the opportunity to shape the app. Maney aims to help SMEs carve out a slice of the expected USD 1 trillion which is expected in South East Asia by 2030.

Unlike its predecessors. Maney aims to solve pain points in the Service Industry by collaborating with both service providers and everyday users in creating features & benefits that’ll make life easier for everyone built on the tenets of the Sharing Economy.

Maney aims to give both service providers and those seeking services, the following features over time:

For service providers (vendors):

  • Market & sell services easily just like physical products, and expanding your reach to a wider customer base.
  • Perfect for small business owners and big companies.
  • Mitigate unfair treatment from customers. If a customer does not show up with a reasonable explanation or if there is a dispute; you can escalate the issue to the Maney team to assist.
  • Access business management, referral and marketing tools.
  • Keep track of team schedules & availability.

For service seekers (buyers):

  • Maney only allows verified service providers on our platform and buyer feedback on poor service levels are taken seriously, so you’re in safe hands.
  • A service-centric marketplace tailored to your needs, thanks to the feedback of others.
  • Pay outs of service providers only occur once a service is completed and verified.
  • Change your mind or reschedule appointments without fuss during the cooling period.
  • Chat with providers if you have special requests.
  • Save money with promotions, discounts, and referrals.

Maney’s core vision stands resolute: a commitment to Building Services Without Barriers. The Maney Service App represents a pivotal leap forward, poised to revolutionise the industry by offering a reliable and streamlined avenue to connect individuals with the essential services they require.

In line with Maney’s mission, we invite all businesses eager to explore this opportunity and enhance their service offerings to connect with the team at Maney by emailing betterchoices@maney.app. Your journey towards a more expansive and prosperous business awaits. Contact us today to seize this promising venture.

About Datum ClearMind

Datum ClearMind is a leading Malaysian technology provider with over two decades of industry experience; specialising in business process outsourcing (BPO) services. Datum ClearMind’s Founder and CEO, Davis Tan, has been instrumental in pioneering innovative platforms like Proline and M4, significantly impacting the pest control service sector in South East Asia. Datum ClearMind continues to drive technological innovation with a human-centric focus.

About Maney Service App

Maney Service App, an initiative by Datum ClearMind, is a pioneering service matchmaking platform connecting Verified Service Providers to Ready Buyers. Focused on providing “Many Options to Make or Save Money,” Maney aims to address the gap in reliable service matchmaking. Supported by an initial grant of approximately RM 360,000 from the Malaysia Development Corp (MDEC), Maney aspires to redefine service provisioning, fostering a trusted ecosystem for service providers and seekers.

Join us every Wednesday on Zoom at 3:00pm to find out more about the Maney platform either as a service provider or as part of our affiliate network.

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