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Story: Meet the Versatile Companion

This story introduces Muhd Sufi Shafai, an entrepreneur offering a unique rental service as a versatile personal assistant. He provides assistance with various tasks, making life easier for individuals who need help with shopping, errands, or medical checkups.

Your Go-To Personal Helper for Any Task

When it comes to finding someone who can assist you with various tasks, from fixing appliances to accompanying you on outings, look no further than Muhd Sufi Shafai.

This 34-year-old entrepreneur from Bangi has redefined the concept of personal assistance by offering a unique rental service that goes beyond the ordinary, where he charges an hourly fee to be your companion and lend a helping hand. 

Whether you need assistance with shopping, running errands, or even getting to medical checkups, Sufi is there to make your life easier.

 In this article, we explore the fascinating world of Sufi’s business and discuss how he and his wife have found success in this unconventional line of work.

Sufi’s journey into entrepreneurship began after he and his wife, Mastura, made the bold decision to quit their jobs in search of a more fulfilling and independent lifestyle. With limited resources, they initially relied on advertising their services through Facebook groups. 

However, it wasn’t long before their exceptional customer service and dedication started generating positive word-of-mouth referrals, paving the way for their business’s growth.

Today, Sufi and Mastura have established themselves as the go-to personal helpers in their local community. Their services are not limited to specific tasks; instead, they offer a comprehensive range of assistance, including driving clients, accompanying them on shopping trips, and even helping with household chores. 

This versatility has attracted a diverse clientele, ranging from individuals seeking companionship to the elderly in need of support for daily errands and medical checkups.

According to Sufi, he charges RM23 to RM25 per hour to anyone, regardless of gender or age, to accompany them to an event or run some errands. He said:

 “Those without a partner or a friend can `rent’ me for company.” Most of his customers are people who typically just need some companionship or help with some tasks. 

Unlike traditional service providers, Sufi saw an opportunity to offer more than just a specific service.  By identifying an untapped market and offering services that cater to specific needs, the possibilities are endless.

This innovative approach sets him apart from the rest, as he aims to meet the diverse needs of his clients.

proving that with passion and determination, anything is possible, reminding them that with determination and a unique approach, they can carve their own path in the business world. 

Key Takeaways

  1. Versatile Assistance: Sufi and his wife provide a wide range of services, including being a personal driver, accompanying clients on shopping trips, and even helping with housework and maintenance tasks.
  2. Inclusive Pricing: Regardless of gender or age, Sufi charges a reasonable hourly fee ranging from RM23 to RM25, making his services accessible to anyone in need of companionship or assistance.
  3. Embracing Entrepreneurship: After quitting their jobs, Sufi and his wife embarked on this entrepreneurial journey, relying initially on Facebook advertisements and now benefiting from positive word-of-mouth referrals.
  4. Elderly-friendly Service: The rental service has become particularly popular among the elderly population who require support for errands and medical appointments.
  5. Local Focus: Sufi and his wife currently serve clients in Nilai, Kajang, and Bangi areas, with a maximum limit of five bookings per day.
  6. Thriving Business: Despite being unconventional, this honest and hardworking couple now earns approximately RM3,000 per month through their rental services and hopes to continue expanding their business.

So why not take a leaf out of Sufi’s book and dare to dream big? Let his story be a shining example that with passion, dedication, and a willingness to think outside the box, you too can turn your entrepreneurial aspirations into reality. 

Source: HYPE

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